Cons and Pros of Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

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Published: 16th February 2011
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Kirby is a major manufacturer of home appliances, and first of all, vacuum cleaners. Kirby Vacuum cleaner known to be one of the best among other cleaners. The company doesn’t invest too much money in advertisement to keep product’s prices acceptable for every customer. Despite numerous consumers’ complaints about Kirby Vacuum , it still remains one of the most popular pieces of household electronics.

Kirby Vacuum cleaners come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and each model has various operating modes. Although, the product may seem a bit more expensive than other vacuum cleaners, it is quite successful thanks to high efficiency, reliability and functionality.

If you are going to buy a Kirby Vacuum, you’d better read this article and learn more about advantages and disadvantages of the product.

So, cons include:

1. Kirbys are multifunctional. The majority of them can be used as a canister, portable cleaner, shampooer etc. All the devices are made of aluminium that provides high level reliability. Machines are guarantee good results and, besides, have stylish design, so you will not worry about a huge vacuum spoiling the look of your interior.

2. Kirby Vacuums are reliable. Made of solid and light materials, Kirby guarantees reliability and long term durability.

3. Kirby Vacuum removes pet hair from furniture and carpets. Everyone who has a pet knows how difficult it is to get rid of all the hair on furniture and carpets. Cleaning with a brush is not effective and takes a lot of time, while Kirby, equipped wit ha special pet hairbrush, remove all the hair quickly and easily.

4. Cleaning tiles and laminate is not a problem! Most cleaners leave scratches on hard flooring, while Kirby has small rollers that help to avoid scratching.

5. Carry case. All the accessories for the vacuum cleaner are stored in one case, so you will not lose and find them all the time.

6. Airflow Suction Control Grip. This function allows to control the airflow, so there will not be any sucked in curtains or socks.

But, there are some pros:

1. Kirby Vacuums are quite heavy, so moving them from one place to another is not that easy. Besides, most of them are very noisy when operating. One more fact that may disappoint is that every year Kirby Company produces new model of a vacuum cleaner, so previous models become out of date ones.

2. If your Kirby Vacuum breaks down, be ready to buy very expensive details (as well as Kirby bags).

All Kirby vacuums come with a warranty, so you shouldn’t worry about break down of your device. But don’t forget that each model has its warranty (though, 3-year term of warranty remains the same for all models, which, by the way, is much longer than other brands provide). Not long ago the company released its latest model called the Ultimate G Diamond Edition that is provided with a lifetime warranty.

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